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Capital Fundraising Consultant Website


Ruben Swint, a successful fundraising consultant, decided to branch out on his own.  He needed a basic set of startup materials and a website to capture the imagination of his potential clients. 


Uncharted Pixels designed his new logo and a responsive, mobile friendly website www.churchcapitalfundraisingcampaigns.com.  The URL was selected for search engine optimization purposes. Recognizing Ruben's brand as "The Generosity Guy", we secured the domain generosityguy.com which resolves to his website.

The site includes a profile of Ruben and his commitment to capital fundraising, a profile of the services he provides, client testimonials, a learning center that profiles some of the articles Ruben has written, links to his newsletter ("The Generosty Letter"), integration with social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and Ruben's blog. 

As a responsively designed site, the site is optimized for any screen width from full screen (desktop/laptop) screens to tablets, to smartphones.  Check it out by visiting www.generosityguy.com and changing the width of your browser window several times to see how the design changes with the available width of the browser window.  Then check out the website on your smartphone or tablet!  Regardless of the device accessing the site, an optimized site appears to match the available screen width. 


A satisfied client and a fun, informative, mobile-ready, responsive website.  Read Ruben's Testimonial about his experience with Uncharted Pixels.